Know These Affiliate Marketing Terms Before You Start Your Online Career

It is vital that you understand the language of affiliate marketing. It is important that you know what it means in order to sign up for programs that are worth your time.

Also read the terms and conditions for affiliates because not knowing these can bring you in serious trouble. You should at least understand the following terms and abbreviations.

Super Affiliate: This refers to anyone who is making a lot of money in affiliate marketing, if you are an affiliate. However, if you have an affiliate program for your own product, this refers to your top affiliates: the ones who are making the most sales for you.

Opt-In: This refers to ezine subscriptions, newsletter subscriptions, or email lists in general. Basically, it means that the subscribers on any email list have chosen to receive the information the list owner is sending. Typically, they have confirmed their email address and their request by clicking on a link in a confirmation email, which is known as double opt-in.

1st Tier and 2nd Tier: If you are signing up for an affiliate program, directly through the company, you are first tier. If you are signing up under someone else, you are 2nd tier. However, when someone signs up under you, you are first tier, and they are your 2nd tier. Each tier gets a different commission rate for sales. In other words, when you sign up under someone else, when you make a sale, you get a full commission, and the person you signed up under gets a partial commission.

Joint Ventures: Joint ventures are similar to affiliate programs, but they operate a bit differently. The concept is the same: one person promotes another person’s product for a commission. However, usually the commissions are bigger, and the person doing the promoting is working directly with the owner of the product.

Direct Mail: This refers to advertising that is done via postal mail. There are strict laws about direct mail, and many affiliate programs will have terms and conditions relating to direct mail to promote their product.

Cookies: A cookie is a piece of code that is written to the cookie file on a person’s computer when they click on an affiliate link or when they visit sites that use cookies, such as sites that require a login. The cookie does not harm your customer’s computer at all, and is simply there to make sure that you get credit for the sale if they come back later to make a purchase.

Affiliate Agreement: The agreement that usually lists the terms and conditions related to an affiliate program. In most cases, you will agree to the affiliate agreement by checking a box when you fill out an online form to join the program. Some affiliate programs, however, will require you to print out, sign, and fax the agreement. Make sure you read these agreements.

Conversion Rate: This is the number of sales in relation to the number of clicks received. Usually portrayed as a percentage.

Commission: The amount of money that you as an affiliate will receive per sale. Some companies will list this as a percentage, such as 50%, while others will list it as a dollar figure.

Associate or Associate Program: This is the same as an affiliate program.

Banner Ad: A graphic that is placed on your website and linked with your affiliate link.

If at any time you come across other terms or abbreviations of which you don’t know the meaning then try to find out what they are about. This may avoid problems later on.