Direct Marketing – Latest 3 Practical Secrets to Make More Money With Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is one of the most effective means in selling any type of products and services because it is more personal compare to other advertising medium. The idea here is to send your marketing message directly to your target market without using the media and without spending a single dime for your advertising cost.

Here’s how you can make more money with direct marketing:

1. Cold-calling. This is one of the most popular ways of selling products and services these days. This involves doing your research in order to obtain the names and phone numbers of your target market. You can use list building tools like opt-in forms and squeeze pages on your website or on your blog so people will share their contact information with you (usually in exchange of freebies). Before you get a hold of that phone, you will need to create a compelling script that will grab and later on, hold the attention of your prospects. You can start the call by using a compelling greeting, and an introduction of yourself or the company that you present. Remember, your goal here is not to make an outright sale (although it can possibly happen) but to set an appointment where you can have more time with your prospects so you can freely talk about the benefits, selling points, and competitive advantage of your offerings.

2. Email marketing. To date, this is the easiest and most cost-effective way in promoting products and services. The key here is creating a compelling, benefit-driven headline that can help in convincing your recipients to open and read your email ad. You need to make sure that your emails are well-written (they must speak volumes about your expertise and they must project an air of professionalism), relatively short (about 500 words or less), and they must sound powerful that they’ll be able to get your readers to act in your favor in as little time as possible.

3. Direct mail. There is something special about getting a snail mail, don’t you think? It makes people feel that they are truly valued and special that the sender will go out of their way to actually go to the post office. If you are targeting a small group, direct mail marketing will work to your advantage. Just like in email marketing, you also need to make sure that your letters are well-written and truly attention-grabbing. They must also include a clear instruction as to how your recipients can get in touch with you should they become interested on what you sell.