Direct Mail Marketing and Customer Coupon Addictions

Many times small-business people complain that their direct-mail marketing advertising is working too good and that everyone who comes in seems to have a coupon and no one seems to be coming in who doesn’t have a coupon. There could be a couple different reasons for this.

One reason could be that your customer service is very lousy and even though you bring in new customers no one ever comes back. But the second reason is probably the most likely and that is that you use direct-mail marketing so often and so much that people only come in when they get the coupon in the mail, which they expect every week or two times per month, so they wait for it.

If this is happening to you perhaps you need to limit how much you give away on your coupons and slowly break your customer’s coupon addictions. You want the customer to be addicted to your great service and or your products and services, not the coupons that you send out in the mail.

The objective of direct-mail marketing is to get the customer in to buy from you and introduce them to your business. Then get them to come back and shop with you more often. But if you consistently send out coupons, they will simply wait until the coupon comes in the mail to come and shop with you.

This does not help your business very much, as it costs you money to give away discounts, send out the direct-mail advertising and you’re not getting a long-term benefit that you need for the ongoing vitality and success of your business. Please consider all this in 2006.