Consumer Direct Marketing and The World of Direct Sales

So you are tired of Corporate America. Or you are just starting out and unlike your parents you want to stay away from a cubicle and the office world. You want to own your own business so you can fire your boss and/or own your time and release the cap from your salary. First off, starting a business takes a lot of money. If you don’t have the cash flow to secure your own business, what about Consumer Direct Marketing and/or Direct Sales? There are plenty of companies out there that offer this option at little cost to you. In return you start your own business with minimal start up costs and you have a company and usually have a support team behind you to help you on your way and to back up your product.IS CONSUMER DIRECT MARKETING AND/OR DIRECT SALES RIGHT FOR YOU?
You have a few ideas of the types of products you will and will not market. So now what? Before you start the process you should consider if this is even the right move for you. Of course you will read all about the success of others on the websites and you will see paychecks that reflect some pretty intense incomes. Incomes that are quite comfortable and could satisfy a really great lifestyle, support a beautiful home, a brand new high end car and all the lavishness that you could dream of. It’s possible. Is it the norm? No, it isn’t. Take the following into consideration:* You need to be disciplined. This is most important. Sure, you can work 10 hours a week and enjoy hanging out with your friends and all the free time a 10 hour a work week life gives you. But you won’t make much money and you definitely won’t live lavishly.* You need to be dedicated. This means you don’t give up when it gets rough. There will be times you can’t get anyone to purchase your products or schedule a Home Party and you feel like you are up against the wall. The point here is that if you can’t handle that and you give up, then you were never dedicated to having your own business.* Schedule your work week. Just because you now “own your own time” that doesn’t mean you can run around without a schedule. When will you make your phone calls? When will you market your business? When will you take the time to learn more and train yourself to become an expert in your business? When will you work? If you have children who will watch them while you work? Because no matter what you think now – they will not leave you alone just because “mommy or daddy is working”.* Set your goals. What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to simply replace your income at your full time job or just make enough to pay rent and have extra money for some dinner with friends? Or do you want to make a stable, set income that is going to provide for your family, allow you to take several vacations a year, purchase your dream home, stay home with your kids and enroll them in that private school you could never afford with your lifestyle today. What is it you are looking to achieve?*What is your WHY? Everyone has to have a why when they are choosing this type of business. It could be as simple as this is your play/fun money or this is going to be your children’s college fund or you really need this money to provide everything you need to survive in life and all the extras. It doesn’t matter what your why is but when you are ready to start, you need to stay focused on what your why is and see it… everyday. Make your why big enough to achieve your goals when you feel you want to give up. If it is a legitimate why then you can succeed in your business of choice.So – Is consumer direct marketing or direct sales for you? Then it’s time to decide what company you want to work with, what products you can be proud to represent and what you need to do next to get started.DO YOUR RESEARCH. What is your passion? Do you love jewelry or maybe Blue Jeans are your thing or what about make-up or skin care and then you cannot forget about candles and home goods. But what about offering something to consumers that is useful; consumable and used regularly? Whatever it is that grabs your attention and is a product or line that you feel you could really advertise and sell – make sure you believe in it. Do your research about the products, the company and their rating in the industry, maybe even call their customer service line and see how well the representatives know about the company and how nice, or not nice, they are to you. How will you be paid? Weekly, Monthly, or otherwise? Can you stand behind the company? Can you see yourself selling the product and seriously building a business backed by the company of your choice? Do you know anything about the owner of the company? How is their business run? Are they good to their employees? Do they support charities and give back to communities? What is most important to you when selecting your new business venture?PAY ATTENTION TO COMMISSION STRUCTURE. You found the company and the product that you can be proud to represent. Now what? Make sure you go through the entire structure of how you will be paid. How will you grow your business and what bonuses will you get for sales, for signing on new team members and is there the option of residual income? Most companies have a pay structure that allows you to gain a percentage of sales of those you enroll into the business yourself. However is it secure and residual? Is it a business that you can build a legacy off of and sign it off to your children when you pass on? Is that even something you are interested in? You should know the long term benefits and pay scale of the business you choose, not just how “fat” your checks will be in the beginning.WHO IS YOUR AUDIENCE AND CUSTOMERS. You need an audience. Such as who will you advertise to? Friends on Facebook? Coworkers of the past? Family and relatives? Who will your audience be that will help you announce your new business venture? If you know who they are who will your customers be? Moms? Dads? Teenagers? The older generation or men or women or newly graduated students? People of fashion or those thrilled about the next best thing? Who will you market to and who do you see your customer base consisting of. The best way to select a company is with the greatest customer base. Something that men and women and everyone basically can come to use. You can only sell so much costume jewelry to one person before that customer runs out of money or things to wear the jewelry with.GET STARTED. Okay, you made you choice in company, you paid your start up fee and got your kit or enrolled as a customer to promote the products and are using them so you have the ideal concept of how to “brag” about what you are offering your customers. Now what? Well it’s time to get in touch with your audience and ask them to help you get started. Does that mean Home Parties or Guest Speaking or taking over the neighborhood BBQ? What about business cards and Internet Advertising and Social Media? Get out there. The only way that you are going to succeed is to break out and talk to people – get out there and do your thing – advertise your business, schedule parties and get the word out.WORK HARD EVERYDAY. IT WON’T ALWAYS BE EASY. Be on alert to work everyday for the next year or two to build a nice, solid business. Whether you are out with friends, working out at the gym or grocery shopping – keep an eye out for ways to continue to grow your business and market what it is that you are trying to build in your future. Don’t give up on your dream if this is what you want to do with your life. It won’t be easy. You can refer back to all of those success stories and I bet not one of them, if you really sat down and talked to them, was handed to them. Nothing great comes without some hard work and dedication. Even when you feel it is time to give up – think again.The best things in life come from hard work and dedication and then you do it all over again. You can really succeed with consumer direct marketing and direct sales but it is not something everyone can do or is willing to do. Make sure it is for you before you fire your boss and jump in.